Written shortly after our arrival home from our trip to St. Maarten.

As I’ve been home, back in full motherhood routine, I’ve been reflecting on the amount of planing it took to get people lined up to care for my family while I was away. I had the help of 14 amazing people who took time from their crazy lives to help me with my crazy life so I could go Mommy MIA.

My reflections led me to the realization of just how much energy it takes to raise a family. This is in no way a complaint, just an “ahha” moment for me.

I love my little family and I love being the homemaker, but after going through my weekly schedule with a fine tooth comb and dividing up my daily responsibilities between an awesome group of people, I began to understand the weight of motherhood.

So, if your a mom and your barely hanging on, feeling like you’re not cutting it in this Pinterest world of parenting, just remember, you are doing the work of 14+ people, and you’re making it look easy!

And yes, it is 5:30am, I am still on Caribbean time. I’ve been up since four, and all my kids are sleeping on the floor in my room, except my four year-old, she’s in my bed.

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