Ranch Life

While I was home visiting for a funeral, I had a chance to drive around the Valley and take some pictures of what ranch life looks like.  If you’ve ever had a burger, you can appreciate these pictures…this is where our beef comes from.  These ranchers work hard for their cattle and care for them in unimaginable ways.  My step-dad told me stories of different calving experiences and I learned that he even knows how to do a cesarean section if needs be.  When he used to work on a ranch in Colorado, and the vet wasn’t nearby, sometimes it was up to the ranch hands to do this kind of work.  In one of the pictures below, you will see a rancher caring for a calf that was born a twin, its mother wouldn’t nurse it so it was up to him to feed it until he could find a replacement cow.  It’s a different way of life, but it is very real.  #GodMadeAFarmer


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