Life in Reverse

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I do things–backwards.  Wouldn’t it be much simpler  for me to tackle things head on instead of taking them by the tail and working back towards the head?  But I’ve never been traditional in that sense.  My experience with the whole  novel business is just the same, I thought, hey, I’m going to write a story, then I wrote the story, now I am learning how to write.

I guess I’m just a “hands in the muck” kind of person.  In order for me to learn, I have to get my hands dirty.  I just got the most wonderful books in the mail yesterday and I dove into them last night.  I feel empowered with new ways to improve my manuscript and I can’t wait to get them back from my critiques.  This may not be a best seller, but I am excited to one day put at least one copy on my bookshelf, I’ll probably slide it in backwards.



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