Perfect Pitch: Chapter 7

Talent Always Jumps off the Page

“I have found a strong consistency between the pitch letter and the completed manuscript.” -Ethan Ellenberg

Fiction Pitches (make sure you have a synopsis completed before you begin pitching)

  1. single, attention-grabbing sentence
  2. second paragraph to develop the story
  3. single, short paragraph about why you are qualified to write this book (it’s OK if you don’t have writing credentials)
    1. Don’t Include:
      1. Employment
      2. Marital Status
      3. Number of Children or Pets

Non-Fiction Pitches

  1. single, attention-grabbing sentence
  2. second paragraph about the theme
  3. third to prove why you are qualified
  4. fourth paragraph to demonstrate knowledge of the audience and competing books

“Pitch letters need to reflect the talent and professionalism of the writer.  They should be straight forward, intelligent, and reflect a good understanding of the genre and marketplace.”

-Ethan Ellenberg

Agent:  Ethan Ellenberg with the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency

Note:  I noticed on his web-page that he is now offering “Agent Sponsored Publishing,” for those looking at the indie route.


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