3-Month Supply of Food & Household Items

IMG_4066 One of the best pieces of advice I received when putting together my 3-month supply was to only buy what you use.

For some reason, I thought I needed eight pounds of winter wheat, I was supposed to can my own tomatoes, and I had to have a box of Q-tips for every month of the year. Did you know, I don’t have a wheat grinder, you can buy tomatoes already in a can, and we don’t even go through 1 boxes of Q-tips a year? Mind blown.

So, how do you create a 3-month supply for your home? Well, here’s one way to go about it.

*FYI we keep the Halloween pumpkins all year. That’s where everyone keeps their special treats. The pumpkins are sacred territory.

1: Track What You Use for 1 Month

-Here’s a sample chart, but you can create your own. Food Storage Planning Sheet

-Look for patterns. For instance, if you buy pizza every Wednesday, then add $20.00 a week to your food storage.

-Consider special occasions like birthdays–You may want cake mix, frosting & candles.

-Tip: We have a “present drawer” where I keep a stock of birthday gifts. When toys go on sale after Christmas and around mid-July, I stock up. We also keep gift cards in the drawer too. At the end of the year, we go through the drawer and see what’s still relevant. We donate what the kids think we’ve outgrown.

Food Storage Planning Sheet

Step 2: Make a Shopping List

-Create groups of items: pantry, freezer, paper products, spices, etc.

Step 3: Go Shopping

-Use your list. Don’t buy things you don’t normally use. If you don’t use flour, don’t buy it. It will just go bad and it will be a waste of money.

-Shop for one group of items at a time. For example, buy all of the Mac-n-Cheese you’ll need on one trip to the store. On the next trip, pick up your 3-month supply of paper towels. The next time you go out, load up on Q-tips. 🙂

Step 4: Replenish Your Storage

-I keep a white board in our kitchen. As we use the second-to-last of one item, we write it on the board. We only have 1 more set of ink cartridges for our printer. So, I added it to the list. When you do this, your weekly shopping list is actually the list to replenish your storage.

Here’s our list at the moment. That says, “stick yogurt,” aka GoGurt. The bottom request is for Kit Kats. Sometimes an iPhone will pop up, but I have veto power. While I was finishing typing this, my youngest ran up and told me to add pool noodles. Duly noted.


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