72-Hour Kit “All I Need”


Have you ever seen the movie, The Jerk, staring Steve Martin? There’s this scene, “All I Need,” where Steve Martin is stumbling out of the house after breaking up with Bernadette Peters. As he’s leaving, he tells her, “I don’t need anything….except for this ashtray…this paddle game…this remote control…and that’s all I need.” All I Need.

Or maybe you’re a fan of Dumb & Dumber. Remember that scene when Jim Carey goes to the market to only get the bare essentials. He comes out with a huge cowboy hat, beer, and spinners. I Was Robbed.

These past few weeks, our country has been stumbling over itself to buy toilet paper, of all things. And I don’t about you, but I may have walked out of the store with some items I didn’t intend on buying…like an air mattress, 8 boxes of brownie mix, and a large kitchen pan.

If you’re in the same boat, then I recommend putting together a 72-hour kit to help ease your mind in the event of another…I’m not really sure what to call what’s happening. But I do know, once you’re finished with this kit, you’ll find a sense of peace from being prepared. And then you can begin working on your 3-month supply.

Here’s to avoiding another toilet paper pandemic! I guess I’d better return this air mattress.

72-Hour Supply Kit 2020 PDF

72-Hour Kit Intro

Step 1: Buy a Backpack

Here’s a link to a great day pack: Venture Pack

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 1

Step 2: Acquire Food

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 2

Step 3: Prepare a Water Supply

Here’s a link to the Platypus: Platypus Water Filtration System
72-Hour Supply Kit Month 3

Step 4: Assemble Cooking Equipment

Here’s a link to the Backpacking Stove & Kitchen Set
72-Hour Supply Kit Month 4

Step 5: Gather Important Documents

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 5

Step 6: Create an Emergency Plan

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 6

Step 7: Put Together a Change of Clothes

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 7

Step 5: Organize a Place to Sleep

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 8

Step 9: Plan for Lighting & Entertainment

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 9

Step 10: Put Together a Hygiene Kit

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 10

Step 11: Plan for Medical Needs

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 11

Step 12: Put Together Some Tools

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 12

Step 13: Rotate Your Supply & Create a 3-Month Storage

72-Hour Supply Kit Month 13

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