Perfect Pitch Notes

I am currently reading “Making the Perfect Pitch” written by Katharine Sands.  Each chapter is written by a different literary agent and provides a great overall feel about what agents are looking for in your query.

I will spend the next few weeks posting notes from things I learn in each chapter.  Please subscribe to my blog if you would like to get an email when I post a new entry.


Chapter 1:  A Morning in the Life of a Literary Agent
Chapter 2:  Five Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Query Letter
Chapter 3:  Notes to the New Writer
Chapter 4:  I Am Willing to Be Seduced, Amaze, Charmed, or Moved
Chapter 5:  Practicing Pitchcraft
Chapter 6:  Setting, Protagonist, Problem
Chapter 7:  Talent Always Jumps off the Page

Chapter 8:  The Providential Diamond
Chapter 9:  Getting Ahead of the Curve
Chapter 10:  Niche Your Pitch
Chapter 11:  It’s the Quirks That Make It Interesting
Chapter 12:  Making Your Book into a Movie
Chapter 13:  Pitches That Worked
Chapter 14:  In the Singles Bar of the Literary Persuasion
Chapter 15:  The Secret is Reduction
Chapter 16:  The Serendipity of Slush
Chapter 17:  I Want to Hear a Diva Do Opera
Chapter 18:  I Love to Tell a Publisher “Have I Got a Virgin for You!”
Chapter 19:  15 Minutes to Fame
Chapter 20:  A Nation of Many Tribes
Chapter 21:  How Much is a Black Dress?
Chapter 22:  Adventures in Copywriting
Chapter 23:  Don’t Be Buffeted by Whims
Chapter 24:  Booking in L.A.
Chapter 25:  The Art of the Poetry Pitch
Chapter 26:  Pitching Your Children’s Book
Chapter 27:  Confessions of an Acquisitions Editor
Chapter 28:  Crafting the Nonfiction Proposal
Chapter 29:  The Nearly Perfect Proposal
Chapter 30:  The Telling Detail
Chapter 31:  It Has to Be Cutting-Edge Work
Chapter 32:  How I Learned to Sell Sex, Death, & Rock ‘n’ Roll
Chapter 33:  Pitchcraft, the Zen of, and the Secrets of the Galaxy
Chapter 34:  The Perfect Pitch:  Low and Inside
Chapter 35:  Intelligence and Imagination
Chapter 36:  Publishing as a Circus
Chapter 37:  This Pen for Hire
Chapter 38:  Pitch Perfect
Chapter 39:  Pitch and Catch
Chapter 40:  Selected Resources

Katherine Sands is a literary agent with Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency.


Disclaimer:  This book was published in 2004 so some agents may no longer be practicing, but the information provided is still pertinent to today’s market.