Nicole L. Ochoa #RevmyBio

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Woo Hoo! Super excited to enter my manuscript in #RevPit.  Under Western Skies is a inspirational romance complete at 97,000 words, but the editors will get to learn more about Sarah’s story when I submit.

Five fun things about me that have nothing to do with writing:

I’m a HUGE Kon Mari Fan
I have completed the entire Kon Mari de-cluttering program.  It took 8 months but it has changed our lives.  Marie Kondo: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up


My hubby sorting his tops.  I do not love this shirt, but it brings him joy.

I’m Wyoming Born & Raised
I grew up in Wyoming and my family works in the beef-cattle industry.  Thanks to my parents, I am a proud owner of a cow named Pumpkin.  When Pumpkin was a calf she liked to climb into the feeder to eat.

2016-3-10 Wyoming H

Pumpkin in the Feeder

I’m a Clydesdale Wogger (Super Slow-not-so-skinny Walk/Jogger)
I formed a running group a few years back and helped 50 women cross the finish line of a half-marathon…I was five months pregnant at the time, so it’s fair to say it wasn’t my fastest run.  Check out our blog:  The Pacific Coasters

pacific coaster

I love seeing our bracelets and t-shirts running around town.

Cookie Dough, YUM!
I am a huge fan of cookie dough, raw eggs and all.  Friday’s at our home are called, “Movie and Cookie Dough Day.”  The Movies are old school westerns and classics like The Princess Bride and The Man From Snowy River.


I have a degree in Kinesiology /ki-nee-see-ol-uh-jee/…exercise science, but I ended up becoming an elementary school teacher.  I only taught for two years before I left the workforce to raise my family.

2015-7-17 Newman Family Pictures M Ochoa's.JPG

With six people it’s hard to get us all acting normal.


That about covers me.  I look forward to getting to know the #RevPit editors and meeting more people in the writing community throughout the coming weeks.  I recommend checking out KJ Harrowick’s blog hop for other #RevmyBio’s.

“Do the thing!”

do the thing

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